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Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday: Euclid, Roman Literature, Latin

Today we are beginning Euclid at 4pm. Reading of Lucretius continues at 7pm and Beginning Latin at 8:30pm.


At January 3, 2005 at 9:06 PM, Blogger Ithaca Free School said...

We met and proceeded through ten propositions of Euclid, taking a bit of time in the middle to pick up some supplies at Race and some additional texts at the Public Library. We now have four markers of different colors and a lovely compass that Crystal brought us.

Lucretius was postponed. We reviewed Latin and reworked the schedule by which we are proceeding.

At January 4, 2005 at 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and we can now make perfect equilateral triangles-- IN OUR HEADS!


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