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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

February at the Free School

Well gee, I don't know how many people are reading this these days, or whether our audience has fallen off on account of some of the recent lapses in daily updating. Anyway, the Free School is still here, truckin' on through the Ithaca winter in hopes of a springtime with new classes, new people and new energy to tackle everything from Herodotus to knitting to Marx and Kropotkin. Eventually.

We've been talking with people around town and it seems high time that more folks are brought into the fold and more kinds of classes inaugurated. Toward this end I think that those of us currently participating are going to work up a statement of values, statement of means, and some basic operating procedures, all of course subject to amendment. I am wary of writing anything down and therefore apparently fixing it as somehow permanent, but at the same time if a group does not have written guidelines then unwritten ones tend to evolve. So look forward to that sometime soon. Maybe we'll send it into the paper.

Classes that are still looking for a quorum, a home, and a time include: The Cantos of Ezra Pound, the history of radical literature, the Education of Henry Adams, local history, the Greek tragedies, conversational German, Italian via Dante, Greek via the New Testament, poetry workshop, modern feminist writing, Let's Cook [Indian, Ethiopian, etc.]. As the weather gets nicer I want to start doing some more practical self-sufficiency type groups, including canning, vegetable gardening, and so forth.

Upcoming seminars (that is, one-time workshops) potentially include dance, silkscreening and winter vegetable cooking.

I can't emphasize enough that the essence of Free School is DIY -- find someone with a similar interest, set a time, and it's a class. We'll add it to our schedule. We don't have the critical mass for that yet but hopefully we will get there as word-of-mouth spreads the news. Maybe we need to formulate a pithy slogan that gets this idea across.

I think Crystal is going to start updating this weblog as well so I will start signing off on them. If anyone wants administrative access to write their thoughts and information, please let me know.



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